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Implementation of Geoblocking Regulation in Finland

This page gives state of play of the implementation of the Geoblocking in Finland, and the local points of contact.

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Enforcement Body 

Phone: +358 (0)29 505 3000 - Contact
Postal address: Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority, P. O. Box 5, FI-00531 Helsinki, Finland
Visiting address: Siltasaarenkatu 12 A, 00530 Helsinki

  • For B2B: District courts

Assistance to Consumer Bodies

Phone:  +358 (0)29 553 9500 - Email

Siltasaarenkatu 12 A, 8th floor
PO Box 5
FI-00531 Helsinki

Measures applicable to infringements

Powers of the Consumer Ombudsman

  • Act on Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority
  • Act on Consumer Protection


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