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Gestaltung der digitalen Zukunft Europas
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eArchiving enters a new phase under the Digital Europe Programme

Important information should be kept accessible and reusable for years to come, regardless of the system used to store it. eArchiving provides core specifications, software, training and knowledge to help people preserve and reuse information over the long-term.

This black and white image shows an archivist reading from a book in the labour movement archive in Merlo, Sweden.

Photo by Norrlandsbild/Bosse Ericsson - Sundsvall Museum, Sweden - CC BY-NC.

The initiative now enters a new phase with the new procurement contract under the Digital Europe Programme.
The eArchiving Initiative continues the work of the eArchiving Building Block and former E-ARK projects.

It includes:

  • Open specifications for packaging digital information that needs to be sent, managed, curated and disseminated.
  • Open source components and governance tools that can be reused when implementing a digital preservation project.
  • Events and training opportunities to support the digital preservation community.
  • Sharing experience, knowledge and solutions to support the formation of a transnational network of experts.
  • Support and assistance to organisations implementing digital preservation projects.

The current phase of the work formally started on the 1st of October 2022 and will run for two years. The E-ARK Consortium, which provides services on behalf of the European Commission is led by the Austrian Institute of Technology, and additionally comprises Highbury Research & Development Ltd. (Ireland), DLM Forum MTÜ (Estonia), Gabinete Umbus SL (Spain), and Keep Solutions LDA (Portugal). They are cooperating with a long line of archives and solution providers across Europe.

Announcements and updates will be published on the eArchiving page