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Artificial intelligence |
Testing and Experimentation Facilities (TEFs): Questions and answers

These FAQs on TEFs under the Digital Europe Programme (DIGITAL) serve to clarify the concept and process to the wider community. The questions are based on interactions with stakeholders, including Member States representatives. The FAQs will be updated as needed.

Electronic communications and Privacy |
Contract Summary Template: Questions and Answers

Find out answers to your questions on the contract summary template, which electronic communications service providers must give to consumers.

Online platforms and e-commerce |
Digital Services Act: Questons and Answers

The Digital Services Act is a comprehensive set of new rules that regulate the responsibilities of digital services. Find out more about what this means below.

Roaming |
Roaming: Questions & Answers

Find answers to your questions about using your mobile phone to call, message and use mobile data when you travel to any EU country — at no extra charge!

.eu |
.eu domain name: Questions and answers

The .eu domain name is a way for organisations and citizens to show their European identity online. It contributes to greater online visibility and evolving consumer needs, boosting the growth of the digital economy.