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Call for evidence on the European Media Freedom Act

The Commission has launched a call for evidence on the upcoming European Media Freedom Act, which aims to safeguard the integrity, pluralism and independence of the EU media market.

The European Media Freedom Act will aim to establish a common framework for advancing the internal market in the media sector, thereby safeguarding media freedom and pluralism in that market. It will complement the existing EU media framework and contribute to the EU’s efforts in nurturing, protecting and strengthening our democracy.

In this context, we are collecting views and insights on the current and emerging problems behind the initiative through a call for evidence. The call for evidence will also collect views regarding possible policy approaches, options and impacts. Citizens, businesses (in particular media actors), academics, civil society, public authorities, and all interested parties are invited to share their views until 25 March 2022.

An open public consultation will be published in early 2022.

Access the call for evidence