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Public consultation on the public-private partnership on cybersecurity and possible accompanying measures

The European Commission seeks stakeholders' views on the areas of work of the future cybersecurity public-private partnership as well as on potential additional policy measures that could stimulate the European cybersecurity industry. The consultation is open until 11 March 2016.


On 6 May 2015, the European Commission adopted the Digital Single Market (DSM) Strategy, which provides for establishing a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) on cybersecurity in the area of technologies and solutions for online network security in the course of 2016.

The Commission is now consulting stakeholders on the areas of work of the future cybersecurity contractual public-private partnership. The Commission is also calling for contributions on potential additional policy measures that could stimulate the European cybersecurity industry.

With respect to cybersecurity standardisation, this consultation complements the overall public consultation on the development of the Priority ICT Standards Plan: "Standards in the Digital Single Market: setting priorities and ensuring delivery", in which cybersecurity is one of the areas covered.

The Commission will use the feedback from the consultation to establish the PPP in the course of 2016.

Respond to the consultation (questionnaire available in EN, FR, DE).


Current EU policies, such as the Cybersecurity Strategy for the European Union and the Commission's proposal for a Directive on Network and Information Security, aim to ensure that network and information systems, including critical infrastructures, are properly protected and secure.

A lot of work has already been done with industrial stakeholders within the NIS Platform. In particular the NIS Platform Working Group 3 has finalised a Strategic Research Agenda for cybersecurity which serves as the basis for the questions on prioritising research and innovation topics in this consultation.

The establishment of a Public-Private Partnership addressing digital security would be a further step towards cybersecurity industrial policy. The Commission is now considering what additional industrial measures may be needed to complement the PPP.

The PPP will be a contractual arrangement between the Commission and an industrial grouping, both of which are committed to supporting, in the EU's Horizon 2020 programme, research and innovation activities of strategic importance to the Union’s competitiveness in the field of cybersecurity.

A PPP bringing together industrial and public resources would focus on innovation following a jointly-agreed strategic research and innovation roadmap. It would make the best possible use of available funds through better coordination with member states and a narrower focus on a small number of technical priorities. It should leverage funding from Horizon 2020 to deliver both technological innovation and societal benefits for users of technologies (citizens, SMEs, critical infrastructure), as well as provide visibility to European R&I excellence in cyber security and digital privacy. Furthermore cybersecurity is explicitly identified in the DSM strategy as a priority area in which there is a need to define missing technological standards.


Opens on 18 December 2015 – closes on 11 March 2016 (12 weeks).

Comments received after the closing date will not be considered.

Who should respond

  • Businesses (providers and users of cybersecurity products and services);
  • Industrial associations
  • Civil society organisations
  • Public authorities
  • Research and academia
  • Citizens


Please state whether you are responding as an individual or representing the views of an organisation. We ask responding organisations to register in the Transparency Register. We publish the submissions of non-registered organisations separately from those of registered ones as the input of individuals.

How to respond

Respond online

You may pause any time and continue later. You can download a copy of your contribution once you've sent it.

Only responses received through the online questionnaire will be taken into account and included in the report summarising the responses, exception being made for the visually impaired.

Accessibility for the visually impaired

We shall accept questionnaires by email or post in paper format from the visually impaired and their representative organisations: download the questionnaire

Email us and attach your reply as Word, PDF or ODF document


Write to

European Commission
DG Communication networks, content & technology
Unit H4 – Trust & Security
25 Avenue Beaulieu
Brussels 1049 - Belgium

Replies & feedback

We shall publish an analysis of the results of the consultation on this page 1 month after the consultation closes.

Protection of personal data

For transparency purposes, all the responses to the present consultation will be made public.

Please read the Specific privacy statement below on how we deal with your personal data and contribution.


Current EU policies in the field:

Press material: see Digibyte; Infographic; Factsheet


Questionnaire DE
Questionnaire EN
Questionnaire FR
Specific privacy statement

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