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Targeted consultation on the High Performance Computing initiative in Europe

The aim of the targeted consultation is to collect feedback in order to define EuroHPC, a new legal and financial instrument to boost High Performance Computing in Europe.

Respond to the consultation

Objective of the consultation

The Commission wants to gather stakeholders’ opinion on topics such as :

  • Main challenges to the current state of HPC in Europe
  • Added-value of EU coordinated action
  • Main objectives of the EuroHPC initiative
  • Set-up of the EuroHPC initiative (time-frame, participants and their role, responsibilities)

The results will feed into defining EuroHPC, the new legal and financial instrument that aims to achieve world class European technology in High Performance Computing.


The High Performance Computing (HPC) initiative builds on existing cooperation in some High Performance Computing areas among Member States, industry and science stakeholders such as the Partnership for advanced computing in Europe (PRACE), the European technology platform for High Performance Computing (ETP4HPC) and the pan-European data network for the research and education community linking national research and education networks across Europe (GÉANT).

The European Commission intends to adopt the new legal instrument EuroHPC in 2018 and put the HPC initiative in place by 2019.  Top-class HPC infrastructure and services will then be available to large industry and SMEs, as well as the public sector among others. This will also support the European Open Science Cloud and allow millions of researchers to share and analyse data in a trusted environment across technologies, disciplines and borders.

Targeted respondents

The consultation seeks the views of the following stakeholder groups:

  • National and EU-funded projects on HPC,
  • Scientific user communities of HPC infrastructures,
  • Public-private partnerships on HPC and Big Data,
  • Centres of excellence (CoE) for supercomputing applications, supercomputing centres, service providers, access providers,
  • HPC research & industry associations,
  • Member State & governmental institutions

Consultation period

03 August 2017 – 05 September 2017

How to submit your response

You can reply in any EU language.

We strongly encourage you to respond through the online questionnaire. Questionnaires sent by e-mail or on paper will not be analysed except those due to accessibility needs of people with visual impairment.

Responses received after the closing date will not be considered.

Accessibility for persons with disabilities

The online questionnaire meets the standards set out in the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

You can also send your answer via email with your reply attached as Word, PDF or ODF.

or write to us at:

  • European Commission, DG Communication Networks, Content & Technology
  • Unit C2
  • DG Connect,European Commission
  • Avenue de Beaulieu 25 / Beaulieulaan 25
  • 1160 Brussels
  • Belgium


Unit C2 - DG Connect, European Commission



The Commission reserves the right to publish the replies after the end of the consultation period. You can follow this page where a link to the consultation results will be published.

Consultation outcome

The European Commission reserves the right to publish all contributions to the consultation, unless non-publication is specifically requested in the general information section of the questionnaire.

A short summary of the consultation results will be published within 1 month after the consultation closes. A synopsis report with a qualitative analysis of all consultation activities will be issued within 3 weeks of the closing data of the consultation.

In case your response includes confidential data, please provide a non-confidential version.

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Consultation results | 20 October 2017

The targeted stakeholder consultation on the High Performance Computing (HPC) initiative in Europe and the EuroHPC inception impact assessment ran from 3 August to 5 September 2017. This summary report takes stock of the contributions and presents preliminary trends that emerge from them, focusing on the quantitative aspects of the consultation input.