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Give your opinion: targeted review of the State aid General Block Exemption Regulation (national funds combined with InvestEU)

The Commission has launched a targeted review of the General Block Exemption Regulation (GBER) which exempts certain State aid projects from prior notification and approval by the Commission. From 2021 the InvestEU Programme will bring together under one roof all EU financial instruments. Member States can i.a. contribute their resources, including via national promotional banks, to financial products under InvestEU.

Consultation on the revision of the Recommendation on relevant markets

The European Commission launches a targeted consultation on the review of the Recommendation on relevant markets in the electronic communications sector adopted in 2014 (2014/710/EU). The aim is to gather information on the state of play and developments of wholesale markets and assess current and potential markets susceptible to ex ante regulation in the sector. The results of the targeted consultation will support the Commission’s preparations of the new Recommendation to be adopted by 21 December 2020.

Public Consultation on the light deployment regime for small-area wireless access points

The fifth generation of wireless systems (5G) bears the promise of many benefits for the European economy and society. The implementation, of such high-capacity systems requires the densification of the existing network infrastructure with the use of small-area wireless access points (SAWAPs or small cells). The Commission would like to consult on a proposed light deployment regime for small cells to facilitate their rollout, expected in large numbers across the EU.

How to make the most of the next EU budget: speak up via the public consultation before March 9th

All citizens, organisations and stakeholders interested in the future of connectivity and digital infrastructure in Europe are invited to respond. This concrete opportunity to shape the discussion on how to make the most of the European Union's budget will end in less than two weeks. The consultation replies will then be taken into account when designing the next long-term budget for the EU and for the next generation of programmes financing strategic infrastructure in the area of connectivity and digital public services, eHealth or cyber security.