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2nd European 5G Observatory Stakeholder Workshop – 5G for growth and recovery

This workshop will be the opportunity to review the main findings of the second year of the 5G Observatory and to exchange views on the current state of play of 5G deployment, the latest market trends and in particular the impact of the current crisis on the 5G progress. It will also serve as input for the planned update of the Action Plan for 5G and 6G as announced in the Commission’s Digital Strategy last February.

The virtual Workshop

The second stakeholder workshop "European 5G Observatory – 5G for growth and recovery" will take place as an online event on Friday, 25 September 2020 from 10:00-14:15.

This workshop is open to all stakeholders interested in 5G, including telecom operators and suppliers, national authorities in charge of telecom and spectrum policy and regulation, as well as representatives of the vertical industries looking at the use of 5G for their use cases.

Please note that the workshop will be organised fully remotely. If you are interested in this event, you can already register – the agenda is available for download.

The 5G Observatory

The European 5G Observatory was launched in 2018 to monitor market developments and preparatory actions taken by industry stakeholders and Member States in the context of 5G roll-out in Europe and beyond. It enables the Commission to assess the progress of Europe's 5G Action Plan and take action to fully implement it.

The 5G Observatory online platform provides the latest news and key trends in 5G deployment in Europe and world-wide and its quarterly reports provide snapshots, including scoreboards, of 5G progress, as well as an assessment in view of the objectives of the 5G Action Plan.

The proceedings of the Workshop

At the workshop, IDATE, who is conducting the European 5G Observatory for the Commission, will first present where we stand as most Member States have now commercial 5G services in some of their main cities and as the first consequences of the COVID-19 crisis are visible. A panel session will follow on challenges and opportunities for Europe in the next few years, the review of deployment targets, and possible new measures by policy makers to facilitate 5G deployments.

Finally, an interactive session on options for the 5G Observatory to measure 5G progress in the next few years will follow. For this purpose a concept paper on deployment monitoring will be shared on this website ahead of the workshop. IDATE will present this concept and feedback by all participants will be collected and discussed in a concluding panel.


Agenda 2nd E5GO stakeholder event 25 September 2020.pdf
Session I - Aarti Holla (ESOA).pdf
Session I - Frederic Pujol (IDATE).pdf
Session II - Frederic Pujol (IDATE).pdf

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