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5G Techritory 2021 - Europe's leading 5G ecosystem forum

For the 4th consecutive year, the 5G Techritory forum will meet to bring together the leading 5G decision-makers and practitioners in Europe and beyond. With the newly available European digitalization funds totalling over 300 billion EUR in value, this year the industry will discuss the opportunities for the collective best use of these funds to unblock the real value of 5G.

The event will gather the leading decision makers and trendsetters to uncover the real value of 5G and share their knowledge for joint growth, to answer to burning questions like:

  • Consumer 5G: where is the money?
  • Testbeds and trials: did we learn something?
  • Cross sector standards: are they happening?
  • Funding for 5G: how to get it?

It will repeat its award-winning phygital format featuring in-person stages and moderators, paired with digital speaker and attendee participation leading to truly global reach.