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Broadband Policy update at Governmental Day Workshop in the frame of the FTTH Conference 2022

Gerasimos Sofianatos, Deputy Head of Unit "Investment in High-Capacity Networks" at the European Commission (DG Connect) will give a broadband policy update at the Governmental Day Workshop. atene KOM and the FTTH Council Europe are organising this workshop, addressed to public and private stakeholders in broadband, on 23 May in the frame of the FTTH Conference 2022.

Logo of the Governmental Day Workshop

atene KOM

The Governmental Day Workshop is an interactive platform for broadband stakeholders in the EU. The overall focus of the 2022 edition will be on:

  • Policy update by the European Commission,
  • Showcasing best practice projects and trends from Europe on fostering the development of fibre networks, digital resilience and enhancing the uptake of digital services,
  • Driving take-up and usage - Integrated digital Transformation of Smart Regions

The workshop will update the broadband stakeholders about the recent developments and future plans of the EU Commission and the Member States, demonstrate successful approaches and projects as well as facilitate the exchange among the broadband community. It will provide a mix of keynotes, interactive elements as well as good practices to stimulate innovation and engagement of key stakeholders from the EU Member States and to facilitate a transfer of knowledge and ideas towards creating a European Gigabit Society and Digital Decade.

For further details and registration please check the conference website. The Governmental Day Workshop is listed as workshop 16 in the afternoon of 23 May 2022.