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Common European data spaces for Smart Manufacturing

Experts, companies, business associations and public authorities met in a workshop to discuss the challenges of common European data spaces for Smart Manufacturing.

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Smart manufacturing

Big Data analytics, machine learning and other technologies provide important opportunities for the whole economy. The collection of data is now part of business processes across industries and sectors. However, the use of data remains limited in many organisations. This prevents innovation actors (SMEs and startups included) to benefit from data re-use in the development of new products and services or the training of AI applications.

Within this context, the Commission intends to support setting up common European data spaces. These spaces should ensure enhanced access to privately held data, via industrial and personal data platforms. Based on agreements for the organisation of data sharing and re-use, these data spaces will materialise around concrete data sharing platforms that are being currently tested.

The workshop

The workshop looked at the specific challenges of Smart Manufacturing. It ammed to assess whether changes should be considered at legislative level (if any) and to what extent the setting up of common European data spaces in Smart Manufacturing can support the objective of supporting data-driven innovation in the sector.

Workshop participants included representatives of leading companies in the field, business associations, public authorities, experts at national and EU level, etc. The workshop had a focused discussion, inter alia, on the following questions:

  • What is needed, especially in terms of funding and enabling standards, to allow for the setting-up of industrial and personal data platforms and their interoperability?
  • What is needed, especially in terms of policies and regulatory framework, to allow for the effective organisation of data sharing, in particular with respect to Industrial IoT data. What could be cross-sectoral opportunities?

The workshop  also considered elements of future data governance including ethical considerations relating to personal data use.

Workshop agenda

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