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EVENT | 13 September 2017

Control your content in the digital market place with the ARDITO project!

The EU co-funded ARDITO project organises its first outreach event with a focus on how the use of technologies such as digital fingerprinting and watermarking for video and images can contribute to connecting all types of creative content, on this occasion particularly images and audio-visual products, with rights information across the internet.

The workshop will also provide a broader policy perspective on how ARDITO will contribute to achieving the Digital Single Market. A later event in December will focus specifically on the ARDITO tools developed for text publishing.

Agenda and registration

Co-funded by the European Union Programme Horizon 2020, ARDITO aims at automating the exchange of information about rights to any content type, between the owners of the content and the users, especially small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in the creative and cultural industries.

ARDITO will fill the gap in the digital content value network and connect online contents to rights information, by building on existing e-infrastructures in order to accelerate the development of a Rights Data Network, in three key ways:

  • optimising a range of content identification technologies (watermarks, image content recognition, DOIs) for use in the Rights Data Network,
  • integrating them into the Copyright Hub ecosystem, and
  • developing new services, ready to bring to the market.

ARDITO kicked off in January 2017 and will have a duration of 18 months. The project partners are ALBUM (Spain), AIE (Italy), b<>com (France), The Copyright Hub (UK), Europe Analytica (UK), Icontact (Netherlands), and mEDRA (Italy), who coordinates the activities.

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Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain