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EVENT | 23 October 2020

Digital 2020 Thought Leader Symposium

  •   02 December 2020-03 December 2020
  •   Online

The European Health Telematics Association (EHTEL) is holding a virtual two-day 2020 Thought Leader Symposium to explore the contribution of digital health services towards healthy and resilient communities.

2020 Thought Leader EHTEL Symposium - details about the event

The Symposium, organised with the support of Sitra (Finland), will explore in six sessions the speed-up of digital health services and their contributions to healthy and resilient communities.

Through this new window of opportunity, it’s possible to take advantage of the existing tailwinds and scale-up digital health services. It is no longer about just promoting telemedicine or digital support for healthy ageing. The challenge today is about creating the conditions for at-scale solutions which contribute to increasing resilience in the health/social domains as well as in the economy. Key to these solutions is addressing people’s needs, and emphasising distribution, social equity, and flexibility.

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