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EU ISAC Conference registration is open

Empowering EU Information Sharing and Analysis Centres (ISACs) 2nd annual conference will take place online and is open to the public. As from now, you can register your presence for free.

EU ISAC 2nd Annual Conference

Empowering EU-ISACs

With over 1,5 years of working-from-home experience, cybersecurity remains an important topic. Our dependency on digital infrastructure is greater than ever, and sharing information remains crucial. To help Europe become more cyber resilient, Information Sharing and Analysis Centres (ISACs) are gaining attention from companies in various European sectors. During a three hour conference, the Empowering EU-ISACs consortium would like to give an update on the development of EU-Wide sectoral ISACs.

Co-organised by the European Commission (DG Connect) and ENISA, the EU agency for Cybersecurity, this second conference will also present the opportunity for the interactive ISAC community to meet up and exchange thoughts.

More detailed information is available on the event's website.