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Shaping Europe’s digital future
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Final Webinar on the study on technological and economic analysis of industry agreements in current and future digital value chains

This webinar is targeted towards relevant industry stakeholders as well as EU policy makers in the data spaces sphere. It aims to disseminate the key findings, building blocks and recommendations from the study to a broader audience.

The webinar is about barriers and opportunities for Industry Agreements, how they can be initiated and how they can have a role in the development of the data spaces ecosystem. It will also gather inputs, particularly from industry, on the way the study outcomes can be used to further stimulate an already vibrant activity in terms of creation and development of European data spaces. DG CNECT encourages the participation of actors already engaged in the data space ecosystem and of those who are interested in learning about its opportunities and how industry agreements can have a role in its development.

Further details, the agenda and registration form are available via this link to the organizers’ webpage.