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EVENT | 25 January 2018

Human Brain Project conference on Gender and Diversity

  •   09 March 2018
  •   Madrid, Spain

"Promoting innovative leadership" is the theme for the first conference on Gender and Diversity organised by the Human Brain Project (HBP). The event is addressed mainly to senior scientists, young researchers, project managers and members of governing bodies of the HBP but it is also open to interested people outside the project.

Image shows title, date and venue of the conference and the logos of the organisers
The Human Brain Project, 2017 - First HBP conference on Gender and Diversity

The conference will focus on the issue of gender balance at all career levels in the Human Brain Project and on gender and diversity considerations in research content. Results and recommendations of recent HBP gender equality studies will be presented at the event.

Read more information about the speakers and the programme.

Participation to the conference is free of charge and registration can be done until 26 February.

Learn more about HBP Gender equality activities .