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EVENT | 29 September 2015

Information and Stakeholders' Day on Smart Wearables

  •   11 December 2015
  •   Karel Van Miert Auditorium, Place Madou, 1, 1210 - Saint-Josse-Ten-Noode, Brussels, Belgium

If you are involved in wearable platforms or technologies, then don't miss this Infoday. Challenges and opportunities of the smart wearables sector as well as the launch of the Internet of Things (IoT) Call for Large Scale Pilot on wearables will be discussed.

Information and Stakeholders' Day on Smart Wearables

This Infoday focused on what should be done on smart wearables in Europe. Furthermore, participants got first-hand information on the launch of the 2016 call on the Internet of Things.

Follow the webstreaming of the Infoday on Information and Stakeholders' Day on Smart Wearables

The Infoday will consist of two parts.

Stakeholders ' View

Three main topics were discussed: platforms, technology and eco-systems. Each topic was introduced by an expert and followed by presentations from the participants. 

A  keynote on the role and importance of regulation, ethics and user acceptance completed the morning session.

Proposers' Pitches

In the afternoon, the Large Scale Pilots (LSP) as defined in the Internet of Things (IoT) call and zoom-in on the LSP 3 on wearables (with a budget of 15 M€) was presented. After this introduction, participants had the opportunity to present project ideas and network.

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Workshop Documents

Please find here the Report on the event.

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