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Manufacturing Data Spaces — Workshop on interacting with GAIA-X and other initiatives — 10 May 2021

The European Commission wants to support data sharing among manufacturing companies and with (service) providers by the facilitation of Manufacturing Data Spaces, which will serve as a model to show how sharing industrial data improves company operations, enhances business opportunities, and supports the transition towards a circular economy.


To tailor this call to the needs of the manufacturing ecosystem, the European Commission organized a series of online workshops dedicated to discuss what can be done to implement data spaces.

This webinar aims to advance the debate on how infrastructure initiatives such as GAIA-X can help scale embryonic operational data spaces to enable the rapid deployment of Manufacturing Data Spaces for Europe.

It will present exemplary data spaces that make use of GAIA-X concepts, and how they want to build on the federated services and interoperability standards.

To this end, we are preparing a call within the framework of the Digital Europe programme.


The Webinar is organised as WebEx conference, hosted by CNECT-WEBCONFERENCE
You can connect with the following link:
Meeting number: 163 573 4719
Password: eV2gRVQ3Q@2 (38247873 from phones)
Join by phone
+32-262-00867 Belgium Toll
+352-2730-0072 Luxembourg Toll



Participants connecting to the webinar


Introduction to the procedure of the workshop
Matthias Kuom, DG CNECT A.4


Current state of thinking on Manufacturing Data Spaces in DIGITAL
Yves Paindaveine, DG CNECT A.4


How the Industrie 4.0 DataSpace can benefit from GAIA-X?! 
Thomas Hahn, Plattform Industrie 4.0


Collaborative Condition Monitoring (CCM) based on GAIA-X
Michael Jochem, Bosch


Data exchange technology on the way to implement GAIA-X
Fabrice Tocco,


Q&A – Discussion
Moderation: Matthias Kuom, DG CNECT A.4


Towards Smart Supply Networks
Matthijs Punter, TNO


Smart Resilient Services, based on exchange of IoT data and the role of GAIA-X
Kristof Gottfried Herrmann, Senseering GmbH


Catena-X Automotive Network: Data Spaces in Automotive
Sebastian Schlosser, BMW


Q&A and Discussion
Moderation: Matthias Kuom, DG CNECT A.4


AI Testing and Experimentation Facilities for Smart Manufacturing: upcoming opportunities
Mariusz Baldyga, DG CNECT A.1


Conclusions and Next step
Anne-Marie Sassen, DG CNECT A.4