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MEDIA holds its next European Film Forum in the Transilvania International Film Festival

On 7 June, Creative Europe MEDIA will hold another edition of the European Film Forum (EFF). This time it will take place during the Transilvania International Film Festival, in Cluj-Napoca, and will address new trends both in European film-making and in regional distribution.

Visual with title and dates of the conference

Visual with title and dates of the conference

This event will first look at the wave of profound changes that are rippling through the value chain of production, from scriptwriting to production and post-production.

Film technology is developing faster than our imagination can keep up with (artificial intelligence, content filmed on mobile devices, 3D motion capture) and digital communication makes it easier for production teams to work in different countries and at the same time. In addition, new software enables postproduction to be faster and more affordable, and to deliver better results than ever before.

The first discussion will feed the ongoing reflections on how Creative Europe MEDIA and other types of public funding could better accompany the above-mentioned developments.

Moving later to distribution, a second panel will explore the challenges in distribution with a regional focus on Eastern Europe and will reflect on how public funding could better adapt to those challenges. For instance, subscription streaming services have swept away the competition and are creating new consumption models. This new business model will continue to impact not just filmmaking but the distribution ecosystem as a whole.

In Eastern Europe, the complex picture of film distribution is dominated by the lack of funding for cinema infrastructure and low subscription figures for VOD platforms. The most important distribution model is centered around festivals which have entered the distribution circuit and become crucial players.

To know more about the event, check the flyer.

You can follow the EFF live via this link:

The European Film Forum

The aim of the European Film Forum (EFF) is to develop a strategic policy agenda, opening up new perspectives on the challenges and opportunities brought about by the digital revolution. It was set up as the result of a proposal by the European Commission in its 2014 Communication on “European Film in the Digital Era”. In the context of the Commission’s Digital Single Market Strategy, it is essential to discuss how the competitiveness, visibility and innovation capacity of the European audiovisual sector can be enhanced. The EFF is making a vital contribution to formulating European Commission thinking on key legislative initiatives and provided input for the proposal for the period 2021-2027. That included proposals for a significant increase  in the future MEDIA budget.


EFF in Cluj - Flyer

Map / Location

Hotel Platinia, Calea Mănăștur 2, 400372, Cluj-Napoca, Cluj