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EVENT | 05 September 2017

Media Meets Literacy conference

  •   21 September 2017-22 September 2017
  •   Sarajevo, Serbia

This event will convene more than 200 media and information literacy professionals from institutions, NGOs, media outlets and academia from all over the world. Together, they will address the need to develop media literacy and critical thinking in education and training at all levels, including through citizenship and media education.

Title of the conference on media literacy
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Organised by the Evens Foundation in partnership with Konrad Adenauer Stiftung and Mediacentar Sarajevo and the European Commission, the conference will explore the challenges of our rapidly changing media world such as fake news, disinformation or propaganda.

The conference opens with keynote addresses by Megan Boler, Professor of media and education at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto, and Evgeny Morozov, a writer and researcher who studies political and social implications of technology. They will raise broad and provocative questions around technological, civic and media landscape of today, with focus on a question of media skills and the role they play in fostering empowered, peaceful democratic societies at a time when information literacy and critical thinking toward the media are more crucial than ever.

The conference’s discussions will try to answer the questions what competencies, tools and initiatives do we need to deal with waves of disinformation and propaganda and how we can best teach a critical approach to the media.

The issues of the vision for the future of media and information literacy and promotion of good journalism and developing new technologies to safeguard democracy and citizenship will be raised during breakout sessions and inspirational presentations. The concluding keynote will be delivered by Prof. David Buckingham from Loughborough University.

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<p>&ldquo;We&rsquo;ve witnessed a tidal wave of fake news, disinformation and propaganda, rapidly disseminated through the Internet and other media. Given the social and political consequences, it is more crucial than ever that our citizens be critical users of the media.&rdquo; Joanna Krawczyk, the Evens Foundation.</p>