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EVENT | 05 December 2017

Meeting of the media literacy expert group

  •   14 December 2017
  •   Brussels, Belgium

The media literacy expert group is meeting to discuss good practices in the field of media literacy and explore synergies between European initiatives.

This is an abstract picture with a computer, a television, people.
Abstract representation of social media literacy

Throughout the day, participants will take stock of the latest initiatives in the field of media literacy in Europe and get an update on the Media Literacy for All Call 2017.

In the context of the large-scale consultation process on fake news and online disinformation launched by the Commission in November 2017, the afternoon will be dedicated to discussing how media literacy can help tackle fake news by allowing users to access, interact, and have a critical understanding of the media.

The European Commission brings together stakeholders in media literacy in an Expert Group on Media Literacy which meets annually to:

  • identify, document and extend good practices in the field of media literacy;
  • facilitate networking between different stakeholders, with the aim of cross-fertilisation;
  • explore synergies between different EU policies and support programmes and media literacy initiatives.


For more information about the media literacy policy in the European Commission, please consult our dedicated webpage.

Follow the discussions on @EU_MediaLit and via #TackleFakeNews.