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EVENT | 16 November 2017

Member States' workshop on fake news

  •   30 November 2017
  •   Brussels, Belgium

As part of the reflection process on fake news, the European Commission is organising a workshop to listen to Member States' concerns regarding the fake news phenomenon, and mutually share information about initiatives planned or already launched within Member States.

The objective of the Member States' workshop is to identify consensus areas for a European-wide approach, and to agree on a common process. The meeting is on invitation only for Member States representatives. 

The workshop is part of a large-scale consultation process on fake news, involving platforms, news media, research and civil society organisations aiming to find the right solutions consistent with fundamental principles and applicable coherently across the European Union.

On 13 November 2017, the Commission launched a public consultation to gather the views of a wide range of stakeholders on fake news. Reply to the the public consultation by 23 February 2018.This will be complemented with a Eurobarometer public opinion survey to be launched early 2018 to measure and analyse the perceptions and concerns of the European citizens around fake news.

The Commission is also setting up a High Level Group (HLG), to advise on policy initiatives to counter fake news and the spread of disinformation online. The high-level group is to hold its inaugural meeting in January 2018.