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What the Digital Decade means at the local level

Moving from smart cities to interconnected territories: this Connect University event will focus on smart communities

Image CU Session on Smart Communities

From networking to infrastructure, from cybersecurity to data, connect key technologies with the most promising use cases identified in France, highlighting specificities of each territory whilst looking forward to a holistic approach.

It can inform policy officers and stakeholders of the best digital strategy to address some of the pressing needs at the local level to contributing to the green deal.


The session is organised around the presentation and discussion with EC and external panellists about the French report for “Ministère de l’Economie, des Finances et de la Relance” that called, in the framework of the French Presidency of the EU, for a major study to be carried out on the reality of the deployment of smart territory tools and methods in France.

The aim of the study was twofold: contribute to the definition of a possible French smart territory model and produce recommendations to promote its definition.

The session will have two parts, presentation and panel discussions:

  1. Towards a European model of smart cities
  2. Digital enablers for a cross sector, cities and borders ecosystem based on data


Moderator: Mr Eddy Hartog

Presenting the report:

  • Mr Jacques Priol
  • Ms Aurélie Legrand
  • Mr Joël Gombin
  • Mr Guillaume Martin


  • Mr Eric Peters (Dir B)
  • Ms Alessandra Zini (SME Alliance)
  • Ms Dr. Ir. Haydee S. Sheombar (Erasmus University)
  • Ms Patrizia Sulis, (JRC/B3)
  • Ms Cristina Cosma, (DG CNECT/D2)
  • Mr Federico Milani, (DG CNECT/G1)g

More details on the event

A model on moving from smart cities to interconnected territories