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Workshop on Broadband Cost Reduction Directive: preliminary results of study for its review

On two occasions, on 16 and 18 of June, WIK-Consult, together with ICF and Eco-Act, the contractors in charge of the study for the review of the Broadband Cost Reduction Directive (BCRD), are organising a public online workshop to gather and discuss views on the preliminary results of their study.

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The study will support the evaluation of the current Broadband Cost Reduction Directive and the impact assessment of a potential new legislative proposal for a revised instrument.

The workshop will be organised over two half days, on 16 and 18 June.

The first day, 16 June, will be dedicated to discussing the following topics that are part of the Broadband Cost Reduction Directive:

  • access to physical infrastructure
  • in-building infrastructure
  • the provision of relevant information via the Single Information Point

While the second day of the workshop, 18 June, will focus on:

  • permit granting
  • co-ordination of civil works
  • potential options to promote the deployment of sustainable electronic communications networks

The review of the Broadband Cost Reduction Directive

The Broadband Cost Reduction Directive aims to facilitate and incentivise the roll-out of high-speed electronic communications networks by lowering the costs of deployment with a set of harmonised measures. The Commission is currently working on the review of the Directive.

The public consultation which closed on 2 March 2021 sought views from businesses, associations, public authorities and the interested public on the implementation of the Directive and on possible future measures. The summary report of the consultation takes stock of the contributions and presents preliminary trends that emerge from them. This input will be taken into account in the preparation of the legislative proposal for a revised instrument.


Register online by 14 June and consult the full programme of the event.