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Workshop on a Common European Mobility Data Space

Unlocking the potential of mobility data is essential to accelerating the transition towards more sustainable and smarter mobility. Building a common European data space for mobility will facilitate access, pooling and sharing of transport and mobility data, building on existing and future initiatives.


The first call of the Digital Europe Programme (DIGITAL) opened in November 2021. Among others, it envisages to fund a preparatory action for the common European mobility data space. This preparatory action is planned to be implemented through a Coordination and Support Action (CSA) and, among others, will identify existing mobility data sharing initiatives, gaps, overlaps and potential common building blocks.

On 2 December 2021, this information workshop, organised by the European Commission, jointly by the Directorate-General for Communications Networks, Content & Technology (DG CONNECT) and the Directorate-General for Mobility & Transport (DG MOVE), provided details on the call for a preparatory action under DIGITAL.

The detailed agenda with speakers, as well as background information, are included in the Terms of Reference that you can download below, as well as the presentations that were made. The workshop gave stakeholders the opportunity to share their views on the key existing initiatives, opportunities and challenges for building the common European mobility data space.

More information on the DIGITAL call is available on the tenders portal. Read the details on the Work Programme here.


EN EU workshop on Mobility Data Space - Terms of Reference
EN European Commission presentation - EU mobility data space workshop
EN Mobility data space event report
EN Stakeholder presentations of a common European mobility data space