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Workshop on data access and transfer with a focus on APIs and industrial data platforms

With this workshop, the Commission intended to discuss the current state of data-sharing in B2B contexts with a specific focus on the potential of technical solutions such as Application Programming Interfaces, data market places and industrial data platforms. Also, it discussed the potential of default contract rules and recommended standard contract clauses.

In January 2017 the Commission adopted the 'Building a European Data Economy' Package where it addressed, among other issues, the opportunities and challenges related to access and re-use of data. The 'Building a European Data Economy' Communication announced a structured dialogue with stakeholders which included a public consultation (closed on 26 April) and a series of workshops.

Representatives of companies already engaging in data-sharing with a wider ecosystem of partners and making data available, e.g. through Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), data market places or within Industrial Data Spaces, will share their experiences in this workshop. Specific challenges of data sharing through APIs will be deepened.

The workshop took place on the 8 June 2017 from 10.30 to 16.15.

Please see the agenda.

Speaker's presentations:

Workshop report.