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Workshop on ‘Smart Bioelectronic and Wearable Systems’

Conclusion of this two day EC workshop, covering smart systems across Key Digital Technologies, with an emphasis on bio-electronics, bio-photonics and flexible and wearable electronics. Recordings of the sessions are now available, together with digital copies of the presentations and exhibition.

Image showing Smart Bioelectronic and Wearable System technologies


Smart Bioelectronic and Wearable Systems

Following the conclusion of this very successful workshop, please find the recordings from both days below:

You will also find the Workshop Executive Reportbooklet, particpant list and link to published presentations at the bottom of this page.

The workshop presents breakthroughs and innovations in smart bioelectronics and flexible & wearable systems – two important areas of the Key Digital Technologies. Market leaders, innovators, researchers, professional and user organisations will discuss how Europe can keep its global leadership in these areas.

The high level participants will discuss and provide recommendations on the technology and market challenges and opportunities, and, how to maximise the societal and economic benefits of these technologies in addressing health, ageing, agri-food, security, environment & climate change.

Building on the success of previous events on Micro-Nano-Bio Systems MNBS, Biophotonics and Flexible & Wearable Electronics, the workshop will raise the importance of electronics and in particular smart integrated sensor systems using heterogeneous technologies, new materials and fabrication processes. This event will also highlight the role of Bioelectronics and Flexible & Wearable Electronics in the context of the Digital R&I Agenda, such as Edge Computing, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity.

Day 1 - will provide evidence of European strategic options for technologies & industry as well as potential impact on applications and markets such as health & care, agriculture & food, energy, environment & climate change, security and mobility. Keynote presentations and discussions will cover markets, industry and technology/production strengths/potential as well as value chains and ecosystems, with a few concrete examples of successful technology innovation activities.

Day 2 - will gather

  1. Technology progress and innovation challenges of current projects as contribution to the strategy for deployment of new bioelectronic & wearable systems
  2. A clear positioning of Bio-electronics/photonics, Flexible & Wearable Electronics, in the European digital landscape and recommendations to overcome the barriers towards faster innovation and higher socioeconomic impact.

Finally, an exhibition area will be available for running and completed EU-funded projects to present their results via demonstrators and visuals.


Booklet - Workshop Smart Bioelectronic and Wearable Systems.pdf
Executive Report
Participant List

Map / Location

DG CONNECT BU25, Avenue de Beaulieu 25, 1160, Auderghem