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Call for the selection of the Registry of the .eu Top-Level Domain

The European Commission is launching the process to select the next Registry for the .eu Top-Level Domain (TLD), one of the largest country TLDs worldwide. The call closes 18 May 2021.

Following the cancellation of the previous call for selection, the Commission is launching a new selection procedure.

The subject of this call is to select the Registry of the .eu Top-Level Domain (‘TLD’), which will be entrusted with the organisation, administration and management of the .eu TLD, through an open, transparent and non-discriminatory selection procedure.

The .eu TLD is one of the largest country code TLDs with 3.6 million registrations and it is also used by Union institutions, agencies and bodies. The purpose of the .eu TLD is to help enhance the Union identity and promote Union values online, such as multilingualism, respect for users’ privacy and security, respect for human rights, as well as specific Union priorities in the digital area. The .eu TLD aims to provide a clearly identifiable link with the Union and the European Single Market, while, at the same time, enabling undertakings, organisations and natural persons within the Union to register a domain name under the .eu TLD regardless of their place of residence.

All the information on call is given in the call specifications.

Applicants shall be non-for-profit entities. This requirement does not prevent commercial entities, including those that are for-profit, from forming part of a consortium of firms or a group of contractors, as long as that formed organisation for the purpose of the .eu Registry activities is not-for-profit. Consortia wishing to apply must consult the information contained in the call specifications.

Other documents that need to be filled out are given below.

Questions related to this call should be sent at the latest on 03/05/2021 to

Please consult the FAQ document. All questions received and replies will be published in that document, anonymously (more information on your personal data).

You can also consult the Notice published in the Official Journal 2021/S 041-101582, as amended by Notice 2021/S 045-109187.


1. Invitation to apply (.docx)
2. Call for Selection of .eu Registry (.docx)
3. Concession contract (.docx)
4. Declaration on honour (.docx)
5. Financial identification form (.pdf)
6. Legal Entity form (.pdf)
7. Privacy statement for Legal Entity and Bank Account Validation (.pdf)
8. Regulation EU 2019_517 (.pdf)
9. Commission Implementing Regulation 2020_857 (.pdf)
10. Commission Delegated Regulation 2020_1083 (.pdf)
11. FAQ (.pdf) updated 7 May


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