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Call for tenders: Exploratory Study on Governance and Accountability Mechanisms for Algorithmic Systems

This study is part of the second phase of a pilot project on algorithmic awareness. Deadline of the call for tenders is 16th September 2019.

The tender is part of the Algorithmic Awareness Raising pilot project the Commission is carrying out at the request of the European Parliament. The first step of the project is ongoing, and interim results of the study are regularly published for consultation and information at www.AlgoAware.EU. The project has analysed the state-of-the-art in algorithmic decision-making, including academic literature and an index of policy, regulatory, civil society and industry approaches, and is exploring case studies for specific areas of application. The study will converge towards designing an appropriate ‘policy toolbox’ for the concerns and opportunities emerging.

Building on the first study, the second phase of the project and this call for tenders in particular will focus more in detail on two emerging policy tools for addressing risks and furthering the understanding of algorithmic decision-making systems. Specifically, it will focus on exploring future policy tools for regulatory oversight of algorithmic systems, where appropriate, and design a series of prototypes and model technical approaches to address specific issues in algorithmic decision-making in the context of online platforms.

The findings are expected to inform the Commission, as well as other interested policy and regulatory bodies, on the opportunities and pitfalls of such approaches and to inform policy options in the near- and longer-term.

The call for tender therefore includes two specific studies (i.e. lots), and tenderers are free to apply for one or both lots:

Lot I:  Design and document the feasibility of a range of options for meaningful oversight over algorithmic decision-making processes on online platforms.

Lot II:  Prototype technical tools and analytical models for testing, explaining and/or auditing specific algorithmic processes used on online platforms, in support to such oversight.

The maximum amount allocated to the study is EUR 120 000 for Lot I, and EUR 180 000 for Lot II.

The closing date of the call is 16 September 2019 at 16:00.

The detailed tender specifications and more information about the procedure and eligibility conditions are available on TED. For questions and clarifications, please also use the online interface.