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Call for Twinnings in DigitalHealthEurope

The DigitalHealthEurope project is launching a twinning scheme in June, providing almost €1 million for more than 45 twinnings - here is an overview.


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DigitalHealthEurope is a Coordination and Suport Action providing support to the EU Communication on “enabling the digital transformation of health and care in the Digital Single Market; empowering citizens and building a healthier society”  and its three priorities:

  • citizens’ secure access to and sharing of health data across borders - enabling citizens to access their health data across the EU;
  • better data to advance research, disease prevention and personalised health and care - allowing researchers and other professionals to pool resources (data, expertise, computing processing and storage capacities) across the EU;
  • digital tools for citizen empowerment and person-centred care - using digital tools to empower people to look after their health, stimulate prevention and enable feedback and interaction between users and healthcare providers.

In DigitalHealthEurope, twinnings are used as one mechanism for accelerating fulfilment of the Communication’s priorities, by enabling the transferring of innovative solutions from one European region or country to another.

The approach has been successfully applied in a number of EU projects and studies, including the ScaleAHA study, which funded 20 twinnings. The region/country with the innovative practice is called Twinning Originator, and the implementing region/country is referred to as Twinning Adopter. There can be more than one Twinning Adopter per twinning. In some cases, third parties may be involved, e.g. as an external facilitator or as tenderer/Twinning Contractor.

Interested organisations and individuals will first exchange ideas on twinning solutions which they can offer or would like to adopt. A twinning marketplace is set up by DigitalHealthEurope to facilitate the matchmaking process. Potential Twinning Originators can post about their available twinning solutions, and those wishing to be Twinning Adopters can specify their twinning solution requirements.


Twinning Activities may include, for example, hosting meetings, technical groups, travelling, acquiring licenses, paying fees for professional services, etc. Twinnings typically last up to one year, depending on complexity and Twinning Type.

Overview of available funding

The total budget for all twinnings to be funded in this call is €932,000. Depending on the type and ambition, the budget per twinning may range from €5,000 for knowledge exchange & training up to €43,000 for full adoption of the digital solution.

Twinning time schedule




Publication of the Call for Twinning Tenders documents on


Webinar 1 for tenderers (expected date)


Webinar 2 for tenderers (expected date)


Deadline for submission of twinning tenders


Award decision and notification


Start of twinning activities for all twinning types (= M1)

Further details and contact information

Twinnings in DigitalHealthEurope

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