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Connecting Europe facilities — cybersecurity digital service infrastructure

The European Commission has launched a call for tenders for the establishment of a core service platform between participating Member States and the operation of cooperation mechanisms for computer emergency response teams.

Cybersecurity is a challenge shared by all EU Member States. An efficient and timely cooperation mechanism between public and private stakeholders that enables them to collectively address risks, vulnerabilities and threats – especially for critical information infrastructures – is crucial for providing high levels of cybersecurity in Europe. In times when the occurrence, power, velocity and complexity of attacks are on the rise, the targets of cyber-attacks need to be able to respond early and fast enough to prevent or at least to mitigate attacks on their networks and information systems, as well as to do proper recovery and comprehensive follow-up.

The actions of this tender will launch a core service platform that will serve those among national or governmental CSIRTs (Computer Security Incident Response Teams) and CERT-EU that are willing to use it, on a voluntary basis. The harmonisation of collaboration procedures between CSIRTs is expected to improve cooperation between them and equip them for a better handling of threats to cyber resilience in the European Union.

This will be conducted in the framework of the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) programme which supports projects of common interest addressing bottlenecks and thereby contributing to the development of the single market, to European competitiveness, social inclusion and overall economic growth.

CEF supports the deployment of concrete trans-European infrastructures based upon mature technical and organisational solutions (including tested structures and procedures) and is expected to foster the deployment of networks and to stimulate exchanges and collaboration with (and within) the public sector across the EU. This cooperation is set up with the buy-in and active cooperation between administrations in different Member States building on cross-border technical interoperability.