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Covering EU affairs through radio

The aim of this Call for Proposals is to support the production and distribution of editorially independent radio content on EU affairs, to be distributed on air and in digital formats, from pan-European viewpoints and/or by comparing different viewpoints across Europe.

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The European Commission's DG Connect manages Multimedia Actions that aim at engaging citizens in the EU policy-making process by providing them with information about European topics from pan-European points of view i.e. showing more than only a national perspective. Support is given for the production and dissemination of information and content, while respecting complete editorial independence, guaranteed through a special clause in all grant agreements.

As part of the Multimedia Actions, this Call is open to news media organisations that can build on quality reporting of radio broadcasters across the EU, while making best use of digital technologies and formats such as podcasting. Expected results include regular high-quality, editorially independent audio formats, that provide an in-depth and diverse view on EU affairs in as many EU languages as possible.

Applicants should ensure coverage in at least 6 EU languages, through a network of at least 4 members. They should propose a programming grid with at least 10 minutes of original content per member and per language per week, with in-depth coverage of current EU affairs through magazines, reports, documentaries and/or talks shows, thus excluding news bulletins and press reviews.

Network members will share editorial responsibility. They will draw up editorial guidelines, monitor compliance by a joint editorial board, and involve an independent subcontractor to assess the editorial quality and European perspective of the produced content on a regular basis.

As a minimum, applicants must ensure that these programmes jointly reach at least 1 million unique listeners each month (via radio and digital channels) and 200.000 unique digital visitors on average per month.

To reach the widest possible audience and ensure openness towards other potentially interested media organisations, the network should ensure (re)broadcasting or republishing of content by 25 non-member media.

Proposals are expected to cover 24 months and start early 2023.

The maximum grant amount is EUR 4.4 million, representing up to 95% of the total eligible costs.

Applications must be printed, signed, and sent on Monday 12 September 2022 at the latest.

Please remember that each applicant is required to send an e-mail before the deadline to inform the Commission about the submission on paper.

Further information

(If reading in another language, consult the English original for call documents.)


01. Call for Proposals
02. Grant Application Form (Part A)
03. Grant Application Form (Part B)
04. Estimated Budget (annex 2 MGA)
05. Financial Capacity Check Table
06. Declaration of Honour
07. Declaration Standards Independence
08. Financial Identification
09. Legal Entity Private
10. Legal Entity Public
11. Model Grant Agreement (MGA)
12. Unit Costs and SME owners (annex 2a MGA)
13. Specific Rules (annex 5 MGA)
14. Privacy Statement