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European Digital Skills and Jobs Core Service Platform: one-stop shop for digital skills

The European Commission invites interested parties to submit proposals to design, build, enrich and maintain the European Digital Skills and Jobs Core Service Platform. Its aim is to deliver a one-stop shop online tool for digital skills. It will support the Digital Europe Programme and contribute to reducing the digital skills gap in Europe.

The EU faces critical shortages for basic and advanced digital skills. Around 90% of today’s jobs require basic digital skills, and all citizens need them to participate in an increasingly digital society. Yet, around 2/5 of citizens and 1/3 of the labour force lack these essential skills.

Presently, information on digital skills intelligence, funding and training opportunities, best practices and certification is fragmented. This is because several bodies are responsible and contribute to these goals at the European and national level.

The Digital Skills and Jobs Platform will display the work of these different actors in a user-friendly manner to facilitate the access and the dissemination of digital skills opportunities. This online information system will be organised around the Core Service Platform (subject of this Call for tender) and Generic Services (the call for proposals closed in November 2019 and addressed actors at the national level. Additional funding for national actors is being considered in the course of 2020).

Core Service Platform

The platform should progressively become a “one-stop shop” where individuals and organisations find solutions to their  digital skills needs. In particular, the Core Service Platform should:

  • Provide a single point of access on digital skills and jobs for anyone interested in training offers/traineeship, good practices, skills intelligence/data, resources, funding opportunities, news and events.
  • Facilitate interactions within the National Coalitions for Digital Skills and Jobs and between the Coalitions and the wider community
  • Share resources, services and practices
  • Stimulate networking and collaboration on digital skills across borders and fields
  • Animate the network of partner websites and engage stakeholders
  • Organise events/webinars for knowledge-sharing and co-creation
  • Offer a private interactive space for discussion on skills intelligence, policies and strategies

The contractor should develop, design, launch, maintain, actively enrich with content the Core Service Platform that will address the needs of the European Digital Skills and Jobs Community and help to tackle the digital skills gap in Europe.

The technical specifications are available online and provide extensive details including the selection and award criteria.

The deadline of this call is on Monday 17 February 2020 at 16:00 CET.

Useful links

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Call for tenders for the Generic Services (closed in November 2019)

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