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Framework Service Contract for Translation Services

The European Commission has launched an open tender for a framework service contract for the provision of translation services of notifications and other texts under Framework Directive 2002/21/EC (as amended by Directive 2009/140/EC) and under relevant articles of the forthcoming European Electronic Communications Code (reference: SMART 2018/1014).

The objective of the contract to be awarded is to obtain translation services associated with the application of the EU Regulatory Framework for electronic communications networks and services. The tasks covered by the proposed framework service contract include translating from other EU official languages into UK English:

  • notifications of draft regulatory measures submitted to the Commission by National Regulatory Authorities under Article 7 of the Framework Directive
  • all other relevant texts and correspondence between the Commission and the National Regulatory Authorities on the notifications and applicable procedures.

The total value of the framework service contract (excluding VAT): EUR 3 500 000.00 (three and a half million Euros) and the duration will be of 48 months.

Deadline for submission of tenders is 02/07/2018 at 14:00 CET.

Tender documents with further information on the services to be purchased