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Impact EdTech launches second call for proposals on Remote Schooling

The EU funded project Impact EdTech launches a second call to tackle remote schooling. The aim of this call is to support EdTech start-ups and SMEs that address common challenges faced by schools during the COVID19 crisis.

This second call for proposals for EdTech project follows closely the first call that just closed on 30 June 2020. IMPACT EdTech is looking for start-ups/SMEs to address some of the major challenges faced by teachers during the COVID19 crisis and provide innovative solutions to be implemented by teachers during pilots in schools from October 2020 onwards.

Up to 12 selected start-ups/SMEs will have the chance to participate in the specific “Remote Schooling” 5-month acceleration programme of IMPACT EdTech, during which they will be supported in piloting their solution in schools and bringing it to the market.

Impact EdTech offers a fixed lump sum of up to €110,000 per EdTech Trial, including up to €20,000 of voucher-based business & educational expertise and specialized resources to successful applicants. Successful participants are expected to participate in a 3-day intensive training camp in Madrid depending on the evolution of the Covid19 situation, online mentoring sessions and teachers training with matched start-up solutions.

Go-To-Market Piloting. Each selected solution will be tested by teachers and practitioners from three different EU countries in real educational environments, in order to collect feedback on their pedagogical implementation.

The full open call text and detailed information about the submission and evaluation process of the IMPACT EdTech Open Call to support remote schooling can be found on the IMPACT EdTech website and in the Funding and Tenders Portal, where you can also find other funding opportunities. 

The IMPACT EdTech bottom-up approach means the programme is open to a wide range of technologies that support remote learning activities at the school education level. The list below shows examples of technologies and applications that IMPACT EdTech can support:

  • AI and data analytics powered solutions
  • Assistive educational technology for special needs education
  • Assessment tools
  • Privacy and data protection
  • Next generation Virtual/Exploratory Learning Environments and e-Portfolio software
  • Hardware-based devices Gamification
  • Virtual or Augmented Reality (VR/AR)
  • Blockchain technology

The IMPACT EdTech consortium is led by European Schoolnet and brings together three experienced partners with complementary expertise to guide the successful applicants throughout the pilots:

  • European Schoolnet is the network of 34 European Ministries of Education, providing Future Classroom Lab validation methodology for new ICT solutions for school education.
  • FundingBox Accelerator manages the open calls and cascade funding. FundingBox is the European leader in managing Financial Support to Third Parties (cascade funding) and provides tools for community creation, to help innovators meet, interact and collaborate to build growth connections.
  • ISDI is the recognised European accelerator, helping Entrepreneurs, Enterprises & Institutions in their transformation to become competitive in the Digital Era.