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Model contract clauses for the reuse of certain publicly held data outside the EU

Commission intends to launch a procedure for the development of model contract clauses for the reuse of protected, publicly held data outside the EU.

Chapter II of the Data Governance Act regulates the reuse of protected, publicly held data. Under Article 5(11), the Commission is mandated to develop model contractual clauses that public sector bodies may use when allowing the reuse of such data outside the EU. This includes data that originally contained commercially sensitive information, such as trade secrets or intellectual property, but that have been modified for the purposes of the reuse or that were permitted to be accessed in a secure processing environment controlled by a public sector body. The Commission may propose a set of such model contractual clauses by way of an implementing act.

The aim of the planned procedure is to select a contractor to support the development of these contract clauses.

Interested entities are invited to express their interest to participate in the planned procedure by clicking on “Express interest” on the eTendering page.

Deadline for expression of interest: 30 September 2022