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Pilot Project – Exchange of media 'rising stars' to speed up innovation and increase cross-border coverage

The European Commission is launching a Call for proposals for a Pilot Project in the field of media innovation and mobility.

The objective of the Pilot Project under this call is to facilitate the mobility of young media professionals and cross-border cooperation between such professionals and media outlets. This will promote innovation in the European media sector and foster an environment conducive to quality journalism and media pluralism.  The pilot project is open to journalists as well as to other media professionals, inter alia communications, marketing and IT professionals.  The organisation/s which will be awarded the grant will design the exchange programme, and, in full autonomy, select participants, provide all logistical and other support to participants and disburse funds to individual applicants under the project. The pilot project is expected to be structured around a series of 'thematic waves' relating to media sub-sector, innovation area or focal topic.         

The following core actions to be carried out are described in detail in the Call for Proposals document:

  • Design of the exchange programme
  • Information and communication
  • Organisation of the exchange programme
  • Logistical and other support
  • Disbursement of funds related to the exchange programme
  • Monitoring and evaluation

Total budget available: 1.200.000 EUR (one million two hundred thousand euros).

Maximum co-financing rate: 80% of eligible costs

Duration of the action: 1 year

Questions related to this call should be sent at the latest on 15 April 2019 to

All questions received and replies will be published, anonymously, on this page (more information on your personal data).


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