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Pilot Project – Media Councils in the digital age

The European Commission is launching a Call for Proposals for a Pilot Project in the field of media self-regulation.

With a view to protecting media freedom and pluralism and to promoting media professionalism, the project will study and map the activities of media self-regulatory bodies in the EU.   Via the creation of a collaborative platform, it will also help media councils face the challenges posed by digital developments and help them adapt to the latter.   It will also facilitate their engagement with internet intermediaries and internet media stakeholders. By facilitating  exchanges of best practices, the project will  identify ways to to achieve the goals of media self-regulation in a converged media environment.

The activities to be covered by the Project are described in the Call for Proposals document and  cover the following main tasks:

  • Design and run a survey
  • Build a database of press/media councils
  • Facilitate exchange of best practices
  • Establish a pan-EU Working Group
  • Facilitate participation of press/media councils in a global dialogue

Total budget available: 500 000 EUR (five hundred thousand euros)

Maximum co-financing rate: 70% of eligible costs.

Duration of the action: one year.

Questions for this call should be sent at the latest on 15 April 2019 to

The questions and answers will be published, anonymously, on this page (more information on your personal data).


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