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Pilot Project "Platform(s) for cultural content innovation" - Call for proposals

In order to incentivise European content industries to nurture and embrace innovation and take up new technologies and to help them to sustain their position as pioneers in the digital era, the Commission will implement the pilot project "Platform(s) for cultural content innovation".

Annoucement of results:

We apologize for the delay in announcing the results of the Call for Proposals Platform(s) for Cultural Content Innovation CNECT /i3(2019)5043110.

They results are now available:

Selected projects

Objectives of the Pilot Project

  1. incentivise European content industries to nurture and embrace innovation and  take up new technologies in order to be able to sustain their position as creative pioneers in the digital era,
  2. bring together players from different content industries, and instil a mind-set of innovation and collaboration through the sharing of experiences, data and knowledge,
  3. test and develop new approaches and business models  for content creation, distribution and promotion, taking advantage of digital technologies and taking into account new audience patterns and behaviours,
  4. Existence and operation of platform(s) for cultural content innovation.

Expected results

The development of platform(s) for cultural content innovation which

  • Brings European added value by strengthening the collaboration among players in the content industries  and incentivising them to adapt new approaches, services, products and business models,
  • acts as a catalyser of creativity and an accelerator of innovation for the content industries and instil an innovative mind-set among the users,
  • is of high quality standards, well curated, promoted and highly interactive,
  • shares experience, data and knowledge on any other element that could contribute to innovation and improve the growth and competitiveness  of the European content industries,
  • facilitates and reinforces cross-sectoral collaboration in relation to issues such as  creation, distribution, promotion and access to content
  • reaches out to a wide and participative community beyond its members,
  • reaches out to  and collaborates with tech industries.

The action will be implemented by way of a call for proposals with a maximum aid intensity of 60% of the total eligible costs of the project(s).

See the results of the call for proposals and its selected projects.

Further information about the call is available in the enclosed documents.

Questions & Answers

Please find here the document featuring the Q&A we received so far. We will update the document regularly.


01. Call for proposals - Platform(s) for cultural content innovation
02. Application form - Platform(s) for cultural content innovation
03. Template Annex III Estimated budget - (Multibeneficiary)
04. Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Table
05. Declaration of Honour
06. Privacy Statement
07. Financial Identification
08. Legal Entity - Private Law Body
09. Legal Entity - Public Law Body
10. Model - Grant agreement for action with multiple beneficiaries
Q&A - Platforms for Content Innovation - Updated on 17/09/2019
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