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Preparatory Action - Digital Innovation Hubs Network

The European Commission launches a Call for proposals for a preparatory action in the field of Digital Innovation Hubs Network for a maximum amount of EUR 1.500.000

This preparatory action has the objective to establish a framework for continuous collaboration and networking between Digital Innovation Hubs, and provide evidence and support for the preparation of relevant policy. This should include concerted effort in relation to:

  • hub business models;
  • common systems, methods and tools;
  • collaboration and governance structures (including financial and legal aspects of the collaboration).

The action should contribute to the development of a European Digital Innovation Hubs network. Special focus should be on digital innovation hubs in artificial intelligence and robotics.

The initiative is in line with the activities carried out by the European Commission to strengthen industry's competitiveness in Europe by supporting its digital transformation. In particular it will contribute to the efforts to support the collaboration between a network of Digital Innovation Hubs in Europe, where companies, especially SMEs, can have access to expertise, development and testing facilities of digital technologies, as well as finance and innovation services.

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