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Procurement launched for a Study on Technical Solutions for Emergency Communications in the Union

The European Commission is launching a call for tender for a "Study on Technical Solutions to Ensure Compatibility, Interoperability, Quality, Reliability and Continuity of Emergency Communications in the Union " - CNECT/2020/OP/0079.

Update: The deadline to submit tenders is extended to 02 March 2021, 15.00 CET

Emergency communication is an important component in the public safety and security policy toolbox. Timely and effective access to emergency services throughout the EU is a basic expectation of European citizens linked to the right of free movement and the European space of safety and security. EU electronic communications’ legislation ensures that electronic communication services are enabling effective emergency communications to the public safety answering point (PSAP) with the goal to request and receive emergency relief from emergency services.

The study objectives

The study will provide information on existing and potential future technical solutions and standards concerning caller location information, equivalent access for end-users with disabilities and routing to the most appropriate PSAP, for effective emergency communications to ensure access to emergency services to all citizens, including when travelling within the EU, and assess their technical and economic feasibility. The objective of the study is to assess the regulatory gaps and need for regulatory intervention, in particular at EU level, and provide technical and regulatory recommendations for the effective implementation of the identified technical solutions.

Tasks foreseen within the study encompass:

  • Description of the functional criteria for assessing the effectiveness of emergency communications.
  • Mapping and assessment of current and potential technical solutions addressing the availability of caller location information, equivalent access to emergency communication for end-users with disabilities, and routing to the most appropriate PSAP including when travelling across the EU.
  • Stakeholder consultation on the identified technical solutions.
  • Evaluation of the technical solutions in terms of their effectiveness and providing recommendations for standardisation and regulatory intervention. 

Tenderers are invited to submit their offers for this call by 02 March 2021,15.00 CET (deadline extended) through the TED eTendering website.

The purpose of the study

Article 109(8) of Directive 2018/1972 establishing the European Electronic Communications Code (EECC), provides for a delegation of power to the Commission to adopt delegated act(s) in order to ensure the effective access to emergency services through emergency communications to the single European emergency number ‘112’ in the Member States. These measures would be aimed at ensuring compatibility, interoperability, quality, reliability and continuity of emergency communications in the Union with regard to caller location information solutions, access for end-users with disabilities and routing to the most appropriate PSAP. The first such delegated act shall be adopted by 21 December 2022. The study resulting from the present tender specifications aims at providing inputs in support of the preparation of the aforesaid delegated act.

More information

In line with the Code, the Commission has submitted a report to the European Parliament and to the Council of the European Union on the effectiveness of the implementation of the single European emergency number ‘112'.