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Study on the impact of recent developments in adtech and their impact on privacy, the publishers and advertisers

The aim of this study is to provide the Commission with evidence and analysis on the online advertising industry that could inform future policy options for safeguarding individual privacy and supporting the evolution of a more balanced online advertising ecosystem. This will be in the interests of individual consumers of online services and content, and of online businesses and particularly publishers (study reference: CNECT/2021/OP/0030).

The study will focus three specific objectives:

  • to describe how adtech has evolved since around 2005 and its impact on EU publishers and advertisers;
  • to assess the relationship between publishers and advertisers, on the one hand, and the major platforms and online advertising intermediaries (ad networks etc), on the other;
  • to identify and assess models for a transparent, balanced and sustainable online advertising ecosystem that respects the Charter of Fundamental Rights.

Economic operators interested in this call are invited to submit a tender via the electronic submission system (e-Submission) available from the TED e-Tendering website.

The closing date of the call is 06/09/2021 16h00 CET.

Requests for any additional information must be made in writing only through the TED e-Tendering website.


VIGIE 2020-663 CNECT-2021-OP-0030 Tender Specifications