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Study on a marketing plan to stimulate the take-up of eID and trust services for the digital single market — SMART 2015/0046

The objective of the study is to investigate the economic potentials of e-identification and trust services (eID and eTSs) in a fully integrated digital single market at EU level (including e-government) and also taking the international dimension inherent to trust services.

To that end the study will, as far as possible with the available budget, carry out a market analysis and then yield a marketing plan aiming at stimulating the take-up of eID and trust services to their maximal capability. The study should investigate at least market segmentation, value proposition, channels, packaging, delivery using the usual approach and methodology for a marketing study. It includes a marketing plan for public administrations in the EU to promote e-government services using eID and eTSs. However, the contractor should validate its findings with 1 or more channel partners. It should have the capacity to engage key stakeholders (beyond sending them a questionnaire) because the stakeholders that should be stimulated should have the possibility to contribute with their own experience on market segmentation, value proposition, etc. In particular, the contractor will need to liaise with DG Informatics' CEF Stakeholder Management Office on potential stakeholders for CEF DSI building blocks as well as with the e-SENS project consortium. Finally, the study should then deliver a set of examples/templates for take-up.

All documents are available on the  e-Tendering website until the closing date for the submission of tenders
Deadline: 04/09/2015 (Time: 16:00)