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Study on Mobile satellite services in the 2 GHz band in the EU

The European Commission has launched a call for tenders for Study on Mobile satellite services (MSS) in the 2 GHz band in the EU – implementation of the current regulatory framework and an overview of the satellite connectivity market

The study has the following specific objectives:

  1. to provide an objective qualitative and quantitative assessment of the implementation of the Union’s current 2 GHz MSS framework and to give an overview of the 2 GHz MSS spectrum usage and services offered;
  2. to outline current state of play as well as developments and trends in the broader satellite connectivity market globally (e.g. new entrants, services, orbits, mergers), the competitive landscape, the drivers at EU level and globally and the role of the EU players;
  3. to outline possible usage scenarios for the 2 GHz spectrum after 2027, in line with relevant EU policies and programmes, including the Digital Decade targets and upcoming Secure Connectivity programme.

The closing date for the electronic submission of tenders is Wednesday 5 July 2023 at 16:00.

The tender documents can be accessed using the following web link: