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2021 Workshops on Sectorial Testing and Experimentation Facilities for Artificial Intelligence under the Digital Europe Programme

In June 2021, DG CNECT’s robotics and artificial intelligence unit organised a series of workshops to further refine the concept of testing and experimentation facilities for artificial intelligence with the help of the invited experts and national delegations.


These testing and experimentation facilities (TEFs) will be specialised large-scale reference sites open to all technology providers across Europe to test and experiment state-of-the art AI-based soft-and hardware solutions and products, including robots, in real-world environments, and at scale. This effort is an important step to bring technology to market and improve a higher uptake of AI in Europe. 

These TEFs should provide a common, highly specialised resource to be shared at European level and foster the deployment of trustworthy AI in the following areas: health, agri-food, manufacturing, smart cities and communities. Technology specific TEFs focusing on edge AI are also planned under DEP, but were not part of the workshop series.

In the upcoming work programme 2021-2022 of the Digital Europe Programme, the European Commission will launch calls to create these TEFs.

The Workshops

DG CNECT invited experts and national delegations to a series of five workshops on TEFs for specific sectors. The five workshops were:

Workshop on AI TEFs for Agri-Food on 21 June

Workshop on AI TEFs for smart cities and communities on 21 June

Workshop on AI TEFs for manufacturing on 22 June

Workshop on AI TEFs for healthcare on 24 June

Workshop on sectorial AI TEFs in general on 25 June

In the workshops, the Commission presented its thinking and ambition for the future TEFs and asked for input from the experts and national delegations on the existing landscape and the needs and structure of the TEFs.