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2022-23 Annual Work Plan Summary of the European Broadband Competence Offices Network

The European Broadband Competence Offices Network (BCO Network) Support Facility has published its 2022-23 Annual Work Plan Summary, outlining the key activities and topics for this year’s knowledge exchange and capacity building programme.

Title over composite photograph depicting multiple digital screens floating above a digital tablet: 2022-23 BCO Network Work Plan Summary

Following the renewal of its mandate in April 2022, the BCO Network Support Facility will continue its work supporting EU Member States and regions, as well as countries such as Norway and the Western Balkan states, to accelerate high-speed broadband deployment to all their citizens. To do this, the Support Facility works closely with the Network and the European Commission to devise and implement an annual programme of capacity building and knowledge exchange.  

In 2022-23, the focus areas of this programme will include: 

Policy and regulatory issues 

  • Cybersecurity and data protection 
  • Green procurement
  • JRC Broadband coverage analysis
  • Broadband Cost Reduction Directive
  • Cost Reduction Directive Toolbox
  • Smart Communities
  • DESI indicators
  • Broadband Guidelines 

 Funding and projects 

  • Broadband planning 
  • Recovery and Resilience Facility milestones 
  • Sub-marine cables 
  • Outermost Regions 
  • Mountain regions 
  • Vouchers and demand-side stimulation 
  • 5G wholesale access models 
  • Coordination of funds  
  • CEF Digital calls 
  • EIB Technical Assistance 
  • Smart Villages 
  • Last mile in rural areas 
  • IPCEI outcome – OpenRAN / Cloud and edge computing 


  • 5G for Connected Automated Mobility and other use cases 
  • Services for rural users 
  • European low-orbit satellite initiative 
  • Artificial Intelligence in broadband infrastructure and society 


  • Western Balkans Digital Summit 
  • European Mountain Convention on Smart Mountains 

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