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6th Meeting of the Future Internet Forum

The sixth meeting of the Horizon 2020 Future Internet Forum (FIF) took place in Ljubljana on June 21st 2018. The FIF meeting took place in parallel of the EUCNC 18 conference, the European Conference on Networks and Communications(18-21 June, Ljubljana).
A key agenda item of the FIF meeting was a consultation session related to the preparation of future R&I initiatives and partnerships in the area of Communication Networks. This session was closely linked to the Next-Generation Internet initiative.

The meeting was dedicated to:

  • FP9 and the Next Generation Internet
  • A white Paper on Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda "Smart networks in the context of NGI" 2021-27 public consultation,  ETP Networld2020+ 5G IA
  • Towards a Smart Connectivity Partnership in FP9 consultation session, EC+ Member States



Agenda 6th FIF meeting
Minutes of the 6th FIF meeting