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AIOTI Recommendations for future collaborative work in the context of the Internet of Things Focus Area in Horizon 2020

The Alliance for Internet of Things Innovation (AIOTI) publishes the twelve Reports containing the "Recommendations for future collaborative work in the context of the Internet of Things Focus Area in Horizon 2020" covering the main focus areas of the Internet of Things (IoT) Work Programme 2016-2017.

AIOTI WG01: Report on Internet of Things Applications

The "Internet of Things Applications" working group (WG01) Report gives an overview of the research and developments results of the IoT European Research Cluster (IERC) projects and the key elements related to the IoT technology developments and deployments for the domains covered by the future IoT LSPs. The document provides information about IoT technological and deployment challenges, findings, and recommendations for action for the use of the results in the new LSPs.

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AIOTI WG02: Report on Innovation Ecosystems

The "Innovation Ecosystems" working group (WG02) Report intends to stimulate the development of Open Innovation eco-systems for Internet of Things (IoT) innovation in the EC. The IoT ecosystem will flourish only when many stakeholders work collaboratively together with open standards, platforms and interfaces and when data flows.

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AIOTI WG03: Reports on IoT Standards

The "IoT Standardisation" working group (WG03) method was to start from a comprehensive IoT landscape and standardization framework, then to identify common High Level IoT architecture and recommend how to achieve IoT Semantic interoperability. A massive effort conduced in a very short period of time to the production of three main deliverables: IoT Landscape and IoT LSP Standard Framework Concepts, IoT High Level Architecture (HLA) and IoT Semantic interoperability recommendations.

Download the full Report on IoT LSP Standard Framework Concepts

Download the full Report on High Level Architecture (HLA)

Download the full Report on IoT Semantic interoperability

AIOTI WG04: Report on Policy Issues

The "Policy Issues" working group (WG04) Report identifies barriers that might restrict take-up of IoT in the context of the Digital Single Market, including in relation to privacy, security and liability.  The report makes recommendations to inform both the policy debate on these topics and the activities of the Large Scale Pilots.

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AIOTI WG05: Report on Smart Living Environment for Ageing Well

The "Smart living environment for ageing well" working group (WG05) Report focus on the IoT support to the continuously growing population of elderly people in living longer, staying active, independent and out of institutional care settings, while at the same time reducing the costs for care systems and providing a better quality of life for vulnerable categories of citizens.

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AIOTI WG06: Report on Smart Farming and Food Safety Internet of Things Applications

The "Smart farming and food security" working group (WG06) has released a set of Recommendations for unlocking the full potential of IoT in large scale farming applications. IoT technologies have the potential of helping European farming and food sector face important challenges for the future through real-time monitoring, better decision making, and improved operations management of the whole value chain, from farm to fork.

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AIOTI WG07: Report on Wearables

For the "Wearables" working group (WG07) the wearable technology market in Europe remains an emerging market. The relative novelty of these wearable technologies has not allowed a significant increase in the number of players for this market and the cost of products remains relatively high. Nevertheless, the wearable technology market in Europe is expanding across numerous sectors which may suggest some economies of scale or economies of scope might be achieved in the coming years.

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AIOTI WG08: Report on Smart Cities

According to the "Smart Cities" working group (WG8) Report, a successful Smart City Large Scale Pilot will tackle the demand side real needs and problems (citizens and cities) and will build on supply side technologies and challenges. It will demonstrate scalability and replicability through interoperability at the data layer, sustainability from economic and social perspectives, and will boost local digital life and economy in European cities.

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AIOTI WG09: Report on Smart Mobility

The report defines the scope and focus of the WG and in particular considers applications of the Internet of Things to the mobility domain (Internet of Vehicles) as next step for future smart transportation and mobility applications with short-termed European wide economic potential and applicability."

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AIOTI W11: Report on Smart Manufacturing

The "Smart manufacturing" working group (WG11) Report provides an overview of European research and demonstration activities in this field. IoT technologies have already entered into manufacturing and this trend will increase. At EU level, smart manufacturing is addressed in the Factories of the Future Public Private Partnership. Currently there are open FoF 2016-2017 calls and in some of these FoF calls IoT technology can have its place.

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