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Building a European Cloud Marketplace – A Conceptualisation Study

This is the final report of the conceptualization study “Building a European Cloud Marketplace”, entrusted by the European Commission to CapGemini Invent. The main objective of the study is to offer a conceptualization framework for the topic “Marketplace for federated cloud-to-edge-based services” as included in the Digital Europe Work Programme 2021-2022.

cover page of study; blue-coloured lines in waves

Participants to tender proposals responding to the call "Marketplace for federated cloud-to-edge based services" are advised to use the conceptualization study to familiarize themselves with the topic and the different possible modalities for its implementation.

 The Digital Europe Programme will reinforce EU critical digital capacities by focusing on the deployment and best use of technologies such as artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, advanced computing and data infrastructure.

To support this, the Marketplace for federated cloud-to-edge based services will serve as a single point of access to trusted and curated cloud and edge services. This will ensure that the digital transformation of the economy is undertaken on the basis of secure, fair, inclusive and resource-efficient infrastructures and services.


European cloud marketplace - Conceptualisation study