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Child-friendly version of European strategy for a better Internet for kids (BIK+)

This leaflet sets out in a child-friendly manner the aims of the European strategy for a better Internet for kids (BIK+).

BIK+ graphic

As part of our plans to make Europe a great and safe place to live, including online, we’ve recently launched a new strategy for a better internet for kids (called BIK+). We want to make sure that YOU – children and young people – are protected, empowered and respected whenever you go online, and that you can access and enjoy what the online world has to offer.

This leaflet explains our plans. You will find the child friendly version of the BIK+ strategy also available in all EU official languages (and many more, including Ukrainian) for download and print-on-demand on the EU Publications website


Child-friendly leaflet BIK+ (.pdf)

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